What is it like to be married to YOU? Update

Ok…so I am updating…because this post was not posted immediately

Literally…I just went downstairs to walk the walk and not just talk the talk because as I mentioned in my intro…this blog is to help me keep on track with being the best wife I can be because I am not perfect. So, taking my own advice I go downstairs and check on my hubby because he is not feeling well, talking sweet to him, picking up after him, asking him what I can get him.

“What have you been doing up there?”
Me: “reading, blogging, vacuuming, laundry.”
“Did you masterbate?”
Me: “Haha no why?”
“You’re being so nice”

Dear God if your husband thinks you’re being nice just because you got your jollies off and are on an orgasmic high maybe you need to be a little nicer on the reg. Just saying B. Noted.

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