Why Blogging is Awesome!

I absolutely love my blog! Whether people are listening or reading or following does not so much matter to me it is more like an online journal in a way to help me stay accountable and focused.

I am not the perfect wife and I hope it never comes across as though I think I am. There are times that I don’t express appreciation there are times that I am not so kind there are times that I nag there are times that I focus on the negative and there are specially times that I am not considering whether or not my husband husband needs are being met.

I am human I am flawed I’m not perfect and I hope it never comes across as though I think I am.

What I love about blogging is that it reminds me to engage in the practices that I preach. Just like a fitness coach, I sure hope does not get up in the morning and encourage all of their clients to get motivated to eat healthy and to be active all while sitting on the couch devouring potato chips and cheese burgers.

Steven is always asking me what did I do to deserve this? Or why are you being so sweet? It is usually because I have just written something or shared something or had an idea about something and reminded myself that I need to make sure that I apply these things in my life as well.

It helps me to continually assess our relationships and the effort that I put forth. Have I encouraged him lately? When is the last time a wore some sexy lingerie for him? Am I nagging too much? Are his needs are getting met? Is his love tank full?

Maybe I need to start blogging about how to eat healthy and staying motivated ha ha Ha ha ha that would be some hypocritical shit because I for sure would be eating a cheeseburger while I was doing it.