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As I mentioned previously, I am a bed tanner. I have tried the spray tans and they just are not a permanent solution for me. I sweat too much when I’m sleeping and sweat a lot when I work out. That is just a recipe for disaster when it comes to spray tans. 

I do however love the look of a spray tan. The smell…not so much.  One of my biggest fears in getting pregnant was my inability to tan. Yes, superficial I know. I have not been pale since high school. I do think I have some sort of body dysmorphic disorder but never diagnosed.  I have always had issues with my body. I look at my skin and inspect it for imperfections. I despise imperfections and discoloration. I want everything to be the same color. 

Yes I should be sending the message to love and accept your body, but I am not going to preach something that I just don’t feel. That does not go to say that I don’t wish I felt more accepting of myself and think that is a healthy goal of all women. But all I’m saying is that is something I fail miserably at. So I try to do what makes me feel better. I feel better when I’m tan. I feel slimmer. I feel my skin is more even toned and my acne goes away. 

Anywho back to the pregnancy, I was petrified. Luckily it was dead of winter so I was all covered up and by time the sun came out in the spring I was able to get some natural rays. During my period of paleness however I decided to buy a spray tanning machine. Although I bought it pretty late in the game and only used it twice, I noticed a great change. In my attitude and my sex drive! I’m sure my husband found me more attractive because he loves a nice tan, but I also felt sexy again despite the nausea, belly bump, heartburn, and extra random hairs!  Who knew all you needed for a boost in your libido was a spray tan machine?