How To Use Your Husband for Fitness Motivation

If you know me well at all in life you know that I LOVE food and I also HATE food. Right now I am on the struggle bus with myself. I have reached a whopping 200 lbs for the first time in my life.  I am always looking for new motivations and my husband is one of them.

We as women all know it is hard to do anything for yourself, but usually that comes naturally. Normally people tell you to jump into a new way of healthy living for yourself.

Not me, no, I am here to tell you to do it for your husband. Or rather, your marriage. Right now, after starting my day off with a McDonalds mcgriddle and hash brown, topping that off with a burger and mozz sticks for lunch, kept the afternoon going with a sugar high full of twix and M&Ms, and oh so hoping I was going to do something healthy and eat this wonderfully clean soup I made…..but no. Nope, I ate two delicious belgian waffles with butter and syrup…who does that? Oh and then I had an apple, like that matters.

So I am sitting here full of guilt and shame. Do I feel sexy? Hell to the No! Who would? I am tired and sluggish, I will probably be gassy soon, so definitely not a good time for sexy time. If some days I am not enough to motivate myself into passing on those bread co bagels that are always lying around at work, or all the amazing clothes in my closet I cannot wear when I drive past Taco Bell after a stressful day….then maybe just maybe thinking about my marriage will be enough. If too many days go by that I feel this shitty and lagging of energy….we are going to lose an important connection and I DO NOT want that a lot more than I want a burrito…even with fritos in it.