Okay, I don’t really have a weave, I have extensions…sometimes. I’m sure there are a few I haven’t tried but I’ll give you my experience with fused extensions, clip-ins, tape ins, glue in, and my gold star choice the halo.

Lets start from the beginning…

Fused Extensions

I first got extensions in 2008 after I got my implants. I had black hair! Can you imagine! Well if you can’t here’s a picture for fun! I had recently gotten my first bartending job a DBs and the girls there taught me all about hair and lashes. At this time, I don’t recall there being a lot of options, but I got fused in extensions. They take a small grouping of your hair and wrap a piece of plastic around it and fuse it closed with heat. These make your hair heavy and thick. They became tangled regardless of how much I combed them with their special loop brush. Not to mention they were hard to get the area above the fuse clean once it was so tangled. You absolutely cannot take them out yourself, but you can rip them out as I did. Sometimes on purpose sometimes not.

Oh and I also clipped in some blonde ones underneath. Don’t judge me this was 2008

After having these removed, probably 6 months later, I had such thin hair! I ended up buying clip in extensions just so it looked like I had hair! I definitely would not recommend these. I don’t know that many people get them anymore but I think they’re still offered.

As I said, I had to get clip in extensions to fill in my thin hair which I wore for a few years, but I will come back to those last.

Glue In Extensions

Another thing I tried was gluing a weft of extensions in my hair. This was a terrible thing to experiment with because that glue is intense! I apparently had misheard instructions from my girlfriend who had done this before and mistakenly applied the glue to my hair and scalp instead of applying it to the weft, letting it get tacky, and then applying it. Therefore,the glue saturated my hair and scalp and did not hold the weft. I had to douse my hair and scalp in oil to get the glue off. You could imagine the hair I lost in this process. I then went back to the clip ins.

Tape In Extensions

Next venture were tape-ins. I tried these for my wedding and honeymoon because I wanted to wake up cute and not have to worry about putting them in everyday. I love these extensions. They are expensive and can be a pain like the fused extensions, but not as bad. You don’t rip them put while brushing them. I assume this is because there is a wider grouping of hair they are attached to. They basically sandwich a grouping of hair around two pieces that have serious double sided tape on them. I did have the same issue with difficulty washing my scalp. It’s very hard to get a good cleaning with them. If you workout a lot and sweat a lot you can get pretty stinky.

All in all I have went back to my clip-ins, but I upgraded them to a halo. Now I have typically purchased all of my extensions from Sallys. At times getting ones with clips already on, but you can get longer ones if you sew the clips non yourself. One trick I used to get even fuller wefts was to glue multiple wefts on one clipped weft so I didn’t have to put so many in my hair. I used the same hair glue as before.


As easy as clip ins are, anything you can do to make your life easier and things quicker is better, right? I love the way I feel in my extensions and wanted to wear it more often. So I figured, the easier and quicker it is the more likely I will wear them! Now I have them in one piece. A halo. But I am cheap so I did not spend $300 on one, I make it myself.

I bought the extensions at Sally’s which come in one long weft, measured the size of my head and cut multiple pieces to that length. I glued them together to make it thick. Then I added a clip on each end for security. I took fishing wire and measured the top on my head and attached it to the clips by tying it through small holes. I love it! It’s not too heavy, I can take it out easily and put it in easily. Downside is I cant wear it in a pony. But I can wash my hair easily and not smell!


So I have had my hair black, blonde, brown and every shade of red almost. Red is my favorite but much too hard to maintain especially trying to keep your extensions the same color when your hair changes color with each wash.

I have died my extensions myself, which you can only dye them darker not blonde. I have brought them to my stylist to dye which she probably hated me for. I have ombre’d a halo of mine with dye as well as this color spray (see pictures below). I have also used this same product to modify platinum extensions to make them a bit darker. The problem with this stuff is that it rubs off eventually. Lastly, I have used my purple shampoo on my yellowish extensions to take the brass out and make them look more ashy/silvery.

That’s basically where I’m at now. I love my halo. I will continue to make my own out of wefts from Sallys. I may get tape in extensions again at some point just for fun, but who knows?

I recently purchased some Monet products in hopes to grow my hair out and say good bye to Francesca. Yes that’s her name. I’ve enjoyed them so far but haven’t noticed much of a change. I’ve only used it a few times. I’ll keep you posted!

Follow this link if you want to try it yourself! A bit pricey but they have great sales!