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As I mentioned before I do not spend a lot of money on makeup. I do not have anything that I buy consistently other than my mascara and lip ink displayed below. I have tried $35 foundation from Sephora and $10 foundation from Walgreens. I have never tried it from Dollar Tree, but I’m not opposed. I did purchase blush from Dollar Tree once, actually I still have it. I usually wear that to work and then when I’m going anywhere other than work I wear the fancy stuff.  I actually did a side by side once on Facebook years ago of the Dollar Tree blush and MAC Desert Rose and people liked the Dollar Tree brand better oddly enough. 

So I used to think and feel that I was pretty on top of my game in the makeup department, but now not so much. These You Tubers makeup tutorials are insane. I don’t even know what half the stuff is they’re using. I feel old now and I have to idea what to buy. I recently decided to try out an Ipsy bag so I can experiment with different things and don’t have to stand in the aisles for 20 minutes looking like a lost puppy. We’ll see how that goes. I’ll keep you posted.

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