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I have used the same mascara for as long as I can recall. It is Loreal Luminous blackest black or carbon black.  I actually like the waterproof formula better for color because it seems like it is even darker! I don’t know how but it is.  However I don’t like taking it off it feels like it rips your lashes out.  I should try it again though because, now that I have extensions I do not ever take my mascara off but when I am getting fills.  Gross I know, but I am not about to risk losing more lashes than I need to by removing mascara that I am just going to put right back on.  I hear there are bugs or mites or something, but out of sight out of mind.  They have not eaten my eyelids off or anything so whatever. A few little bugs are not going to scare me away from losing lashes…especially as expensive as they are.  Also this mascara is safe to use with extensions. It does not contain the ingredient that will make them fall out!

Before I got these lash extensions, and I swear on my honor I will NEVER go back!!!! I have used strip lashes..with hair glue because they stay on sooo much better. Because you know I wore those things as long as I could before they fell off. Even taking a toothpick to glue down the edges. These always felt really heavy and of course you barely have any lashes left when you take them off.

I have tried magnetic lashes, with the magnetic eyeliner and the ones with a tiny magnet on both sides and you sort of sandwich them around your natural lashes.  These were okay, but honestly if you caught ahold of them as you brushed your hair away, they would come right off! Not worth it!!