Lip Stick Check*

I am no holds bar when it comes to divulging my beauty secrets.

I hate when I see something I like and I cannot figure out what it is, or you ask a friend and they cannot bother to find the name of something or remember where they got it. I hate when I see someone wearing something on TV and I cannot find it online or see what it is and how it works. Not that my beauty routine involves anything fancy, but I am putting it out there. Any weird tricks that I have learned or discovered. If they are not on here already, please feel free to ask and I will provide!

Now, I have never been one to spend a lot of money on makeup or facial products and maybe I should…but I always look at my husband who has the most smooth and even toned complexion and tans all of the time and I reassure myself that it is what it is, I am not going to stop tanning so why put all of this money into products to make it look better. I will cover it with makeup, but I am not blowing money on that shit.

To each their own. I know my tanning is bad and I get a lot of flack for it from my fair skinned friends. I am very insecure about the thin skin I have that shows all of the veins in my arms and chest, they are bright blue! Yet some how they can never stick me at the doctor! I noticed when I tanned more, you could not see these veins as much. Also I have super oily skin and it keeps the acne away! Tanning is calming and makes me feel better about myself so sorry NOT sorry, not going to stop.

I have tried to only use self-tanners, spray tans and all that stuff, but I felt like I had a layer of film on my body. When it would start to peel off and you could see my white skin underneath…uhhh just looked gross and felt weird to me. So here I am an avid tanning bed user and proud of it

Any who back to my schpeal about expensive products. I feel that you can look just as good with lower cost products than expensive ones. Now that does not go for everything. In January of 2019, I impulsively decided to sell Mary Kay that I am no longer selling. I was not passionate about the product, I would not buy them myself, and so I stopped selling it.  I used some things because I had them and I liked them, but I cannot say that there was anything that I would buy if I did not sell it. 

Not to say that if I became rich and money was not an object, I may buy more expensive things simply because it may make me feel better. Sad truth, but that just happens sometimes. You are magically going to think that a $500 pair of jeans makes your ass look better than a $50 pair of jeans if you are aware of the price. If you didn’t know the price things may be opposite. But hey, whatever makes you feel better and is within your budget go for it.

I purchase most of my makeup and products from Walgreens and Walmart, but even Dollar Tree. I am obsessed with Dollar Tree! I cannot believe all of the cool things they have there! They have everything from lashes to nails!

Any who, here are a few of the basics that I use on the daily and some of the lengths I took to figure them out. I also included a fun section on some weird shit that I have tried to feel pretty or got conned into buying late one night when I could not sleep.