Fall Favorites!

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Ok so I’m definitely a summer girl obsessed with sun tanning and swimming, I love me a margarita by the pool and sun dresses…. but there are so many great things about fall!!! Here are a few of my favs!!!!

Not going to try and hide it at all. I am a basic pumpkin bitch, pumpkin slut whatever you want to call me. Hi! That’s me ? % Pumpkin cream cheese on a pumpkin bagel with a pumpkin latte….Heaven!

As much as I would love to eat pumpkin muffins and pumpkin lattes all day everyday my ass would be out of control. More importantly I’d probably feel tired, sluggish, and regretful. I found a few options to still get my pumpkin fix guilt free!!

I love this chapstick! It smells amazing and gives you just a hint of pumpkin flavor all throughout the day without overloading on calories!

Show off your love of pumpkin and don’t let others slut shame you! Wear it loud and proud!

Here’s a few things I like to use for my coffee. We have the option of creamer minus the sugar or these stevia drops can add the flavoring without the calories!

I love these options for s’mores!!! I heard on the radio that nowadays 40% of children have never roasted a Marshmello! That is a serious issue! Now you don’t have any excuse not to roast marshmallows!

new fall hat!

How cute is this hat!!! Although summer is my favorite season, fall is definitely my favorite fashion season. Hats, scarves, oversized sweaters, boots! There are so many cute ways to accessorize!